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A Patient’s Perspective on Routine Crohn’s Check-ups

The bloodwork

For the most part, everything checks out fine by the doc. You get ready to get your normal blood tests done when the nurse comes in and asks you kindly, “have you ever gotten a blood test before?” You know that she’s just trying to be caring and gentle with you, assuming that most patients dislike the big needles that come with getting blood draws. You fight back the urge to blurt out the fact that you get these all the time. We don’t want to make our sweet, naïve nurse feel too bad.

Worse yet is when these kind nurses try to prepare you. It’s almost cute that they warn you as they put a needle in to get your blood draw. Now you really have to hold back. The needle prick is nothing compared to the pain and discomfort of having your doctor insert a camera into your rectum. Having inflammatory bowel disease can sure put anyone through a lot.