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The Surprising Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis and Sleep Apnea

More about the study

The study was published in Neurology and indicates that the brainstem pathology responsible for MS can also increase the chances of a person developing OSA or CSA. This is not far-fetched since it is already well-known that MS causes problems with other parts of the body such as the urinary system and muscle control.

Researchers of the study said that there is “strong evidence that regional brainstem dysfunction due to MS plaque formation might contribute to both obstructive and central sleep apnea severity.” So, if you already have apnea and MS, the MS might worsen the apnea. Researchers also noted that while OSA is more common in general, people with MS are at increased risk for CSA or “apnea-related sudden death.” This highlights the potential dangers of undiagnosed apnea.