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The Surprising Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis and Sleep Apnea

Proper diagnosis is key

If you have MS, your sleep hygiene should be a priority. Proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of OSA and CSA in patients with MS could help improve not just their quality of sleep, but also their quality of life, and even prevent unexpected death. If you have MS, there is no harm in talking with your provider about being evaluated for apnea. OSA might not involve snoring, so not snoring does not mean that you do not have OSA. Ear, nose, throat specialist Dr. Murray Grossan is adamant that people with MS should be talking to their providers about OSA regardless of their snoring tendencies. If your provider thinks that you may have OSA or CSA, you will likely be referred for a sleep study where they will monitor you while you sleep. It is also possible to have a combination of the two!