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The Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs

Sclerosis Blogs : MS Conversations

MS Conversations

MS Conversations is the authoritative blog that is officiated by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). The MSAA seeks to assist in enhancing and improving the condition of the everyday lives of people who are living with MS. MSAA also offers help to the families and caregivers of individuals with MS, through their ongoing support and vital services.

The MSAA provides visitors with a number of programs and services nationally, including resource assistance, diagnostic funding, public awareness campaigns, and equipment distribution. The MSAA also offers users information intended to educate people on how they can manage their MS and ease their symptoms through a number of literature and videos that have won several awards.

The goal of the MS Conversations blog posts is to help break down barriers, such as emotional, social, and physical. MS Conversation also aims to help users build hope in their lives which are often challenging on many fronts. Some of the posts include content such as how to deal with physical components of MS, some of the cognitive changes that are thought to be part of MS, and one person's account of how MS feels like there's an earthquake inside of her body.