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Tips for Parenting with Multiple Sclerosis

Welcome help from others

Welcome help from others

As the disease progresses, the individual must become progressively more okay with receiving assistance. Even simple tasks like dishes or laundry may eventually become overbearing and exhausting. Rather than allowing these things to determine self-confidence or quality of life, allow others to step in and take care of physical activities, so that you can be at your best.

There is nothing embarrassing about asking for help, and losing physical ability can have unexpected upsides when approached with a positive attitude. We take pride in being able to accomplish things on our own, but children naturally gravitate towards hands-on learning and doing things with their parents.

The day that you can no longer change the oil in your car could become the day that you and your child do it together. If you cook for the whole family, perhaps the family could come together around preparing the meal as a team. Very few things in life demand that you do them alone, especially when it comes to family.