Brain Cancer

1 What is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal growth of the cells in the brain. These growths may be benign or cancerous.

Cancer that arises in the brain tissue is known as primary brain cancer.

Tumors that spread from other body parts to the brain are called metastatic brain tumors.

  • Primary brain tumors – They are named after the brain tissue from which they originated. Some of the common brain tumors include gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, vestibular schwannomas and primitive neuroectodermal tumors. Gliomas include subtypes like strocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, and ependymomas.
  • Metastatic brain cancer – Cancer cells that originate in other parts of the body, like the lung, and spread to the tissues of the brain are known as metastatic brain cancer. These cancers are more common than primary brain tumors. These forms of cancer are named after the primary location. For example, small cell lung cancer metastasized to the brain.

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