Neuromyelitis Optica

1 What is Neuromyelitis Optica?

Neuromyelitis optica is a disorder of the central nervous system in which the eye nerves and spinal cord are primarily affected. The disease is previously known as Devic’s disease and is now recognized as neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder in broader terms. 

NMO takes place when the immune system attacks the cells in the central nervous system. Primarily, the spinal cord and optic nerves suffer the attack, but in more severe cases, the brain is also affected. 

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2 Symptoms

The symptoms of neuromyelitis optica include:

  • Blindness in one or both eyes
  • Painful spasms
  • Weakness of the arms or legs/ paralysis
  • Uncontrollable hiccups and vomiting
  • Loss of sensation
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Bowel dysfunction

3 Risks and Complications

There are several risks and complications associated with neuromyelitis optica.

Neuromyelitis optica attacks are often reversible, but the attacks can sometimes be so severe that they may cause permanent blindness and issues with motor functions, such as walking.

Moreover, children with neuromyelitis optica may experience seizures, confusion, or even get into a coma