Selective Iga Deficiency

1 What is Selective IgA Deficiency?

Selective IgA deficiency in which there is not enough or lack of IgA(antibody) a protein which can fight infections. Many people who are affected with IgA deficiency don’t experience recurrent infections but in some people recurrent respiratory tract infections are notices such as: asthma, sinus infections, allergies.

This deficiency of IgA can also be found in people have auto-immune disease, in which our body attacks and destroys the cells and tissues which are not harmful commonly associated diseases with IgA deficiency include:

2 Symptoms

Mostly people who are affected with Selective IgA deficiency don’t show any signs and symptoms. But some people experience the following symptoms:

There might also be bronchiectasis and asthma. These syndromes are relapsing they appear and vanish but in short period of time they appear again.

3 Causes

The causes of Selective IgA Deficiency are unknown.

The deficiency of immunoglobulins A is inherited disease and is passed in family from parents to children. However, some studies have proven drug-induced IgA deficiency can also become a reason for selective deficiency of IgA.

It is inherited as an autosomal recessive or autosomal dominant trait. It is mostly seen in people of European origin.

4 Making a Diagnosis

Tests that are required for selective IgA deficiency include measuring IgA, IgG, IgM.

Serum immune electrophoresis may also be recommended in some cases. 

5 Treatment

There is no specific treatment to cure selective deficiency of IgA. In some cases, normal levels of IgA are restored without any treatment.

Symptomatic treatment is prescribing which includes:

  • antibiotics- to treat infections,
  • anti-inflammatory- to treat inflammation,
  • analgesics for pain.

Immunoglobulin treatment (IVIG) are given intravenously to those people having IgG subclass deficiencies along with IgA deficiency.

Another new treatment method is being studied which include auto-immune disease treatment.

6 Prevention

Selective IgA deficiency is mostly hereditary and there is no way to prevent it. Those people with family history of this disease should avoid contracting infections and follow hygienic lifestyle. 

7 Alternative and Homeopathic Remedies

As deficiency of IgA is very selective and hereditary no alternatives or home remedies are available to treat the cause of this condition. Although some home remedies can be used to treat the symptoms caused by this disease such as:

  • aloe Vera to treat inflammation,
  • antiseptic properties of neem leave and turmeric.

8 Lifestyle and Coping

Some people recover from selective IgA deficiency on their own without any treatment but for other people lifetime treatment methods are required.

Selective IgA deficiency is less harmful than any other immunodeficiency diseases.

Some lifestyle changes include: maintaining hygienic conditions, avoid contact with infected people and washing hands before and after eating.

9 Risks and Complications

There are several risks and complications associated with selective IgA deficiency.

Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus or celiac sprue are some of the most common complications appearing in untreated cases.

Patients may also develop antibodies against IgA that is injected externally and lead to life threatening conditions like anaphylactic shock.