1 What is Vantas?

Brand: Vantas

Generic: Histrelin

Vantas implant is an anti-cancer drug, used to treat advanced stage of prostate cancer among men. This medication reduces the amount of testosterone in the body. Low-level testosterone slows down the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. It also helps in relieving symptoms such as difficult and painful urination.

Read your medication guide thoroughly that comes with Vantas implant.

  • Vantas implant will be placed by your doctor surgically under your skin at your upper arm in a clinic, doctor’s office or hospital. The implant will continuously release the medication slowly into your blood for 12 months. After 12 months, the implant will be replaced with new one.
  • The incision should be kept clean and dry. Make sure you keep the bandage in place for several days until it is healed completely. Do not swim or bathe for 24 hours after it is surgically implanted.
  • Do not engage in any physical activity such as heavy lifting for 7 days after the procedure. Protect the incision site from any hard contact as this may damage the implant.
  • During your first few weeks of Vantas treatment, expect that your symptoms may get worst or new symptoms may appear as a normal reaction of your body to this drug.
  • Have a regular check- up with your doctor to ensure that your implant is working and remains in place. Close monitoring is required if your prostate cancer has spread to the spine or caused problems with urinating due to blockage. You will be submitted to certain medical exam or laboratory test such as blood testosterone level and PSA blood test for prostate cancer or blood testosterone.
  • Vantas implant is not safe and effective for children less than 18 years old.
  • For persons who have diabetes, check your blood sugar level at all times and inform your doctor about the result, particularly if it is high or low. Your doctor will adjust the dosage of your anti- diabetic drug and other medicine for diabetes.

Inform your doctor immediately if your condition aggravates or does not improve. Sometimes, the implant comes out of the upper arm. If this occurs, immediately inform your doctor.

To prevent missed doses, always keep track of the date you are scheduled for the next implant replacement.

Some drugs may either lessen the beneficial effects or worsen the side effects of Vantas. Likewise, Vantas may make some drugs less efficient or intensify their side effects.

Make sure to inform your doctor about all other drugs you are currently taking or using (prescribed and non-prescribed medications including vitamins, minerals, and herbal products) to check for possible drug interaction with Vantas implant.

Never alter the doses of other medications while on Vantas implant neither stop nor start any medicine without the doctor’s recommendation.

Side Effects: There are no side effects known aside from a possible allergic reaction in people who have previous or unknown hypersensitivity to the drug.

Watch out for signs of allergic reactions such as:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling

Before taking Vantas, tell your health care provider if you have/are:

  • Any allergies to any substance, food or medication, particularly to histrelin (Vantas) or other similar drugs (i.e. leuprolide);
  • Medical history or a present condition such as:
  • Vantas implant is not approved for women use.