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How can I get rid of the sensitivity in my front teeth?

I have front teeth sensitivity. How can I get rid of the sensitivity in my front teeth?

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A proper/thorough examination should be completed to determine if there is any particular causes to the issue prior to having this question be answered.
See your dentist. There are lots of causes and the dentist needs to assess your situation to make the correct recommendation.
It depends on why they are sensitive. Possibilities: Thin enamel, Gum recession, Clenching and/or grinding, Decay. You first must have the problem diagnosed, then treatment can be determined.
Teeth sensitivity is common. It may be due to enamel wear, dentinal exposure, caries, to name a few. I recommend seeing your dentist for a proper diagnosis and following the recommended treatment. No worries it might be as simple as changing your toothbrush and using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Thank you.
First, you have to find out what's causing the sensitivity. Sensitivity could be caused by wear of the enamel or recession of the gums from brushing hard or it could be caused by a cavity or it could be due to boneloss, each of which has different treatments. Best way to determine
the cause and getting the right treatment would be to visit your dentist for an evaluation.
You should have it evaluated by the dentist to first find the cause of the sensitivity and then it can be treated accordingly.
Sensodyne is a great product for reducing cold sensitivity. For severe sensitivity use it at night and after you finish brushing, spit but do not rinse. You produce less saliva at night and it will allow the product to stay on the teeth longer.
Find out why they are sensitive and treat that.
Go see your dentist for an evaluation. You may have a cavity or root surface exposure. Try Sensodyne toothpaste in the interim.