What is World Autism Awareness Day?

What is World Autism Awareness Day?

Just like everyone else, people with autism move through substantial life changes. Their quality of life depends on the foundation that was provided during their childhood. In addition, there is ongoing support revolving around their medical, educational, social and family needs. There is no single known cause for autism spectrum disorder, but it’s widely accepted that it is caused by abnormalities in the structure of the brain. When brains of both children with autism and neurotypical children are scanned, the results show that there is a difference in the shape and the structure of both brains.

Autism facts

Autism Causes

The exact cause of autism is not yet known. However, researchers are investigating some theories. These include the links between heredity, genetics, and medical problems. Autism is a disorder of the neural development, which is characterized by impaired social interactions (both verbal and nonverbal) and is accompanied by restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped behaviors. It affects how the brain processes information, by altering how nerve cells and synapses connect. The world autism awareness day is on April 2. It is among other days that were set in 2008, when the United States through the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force, reiterating the fundamental principles of universal human rights for all persons.

Autism Rates

The rate of Autism in the world is high, and the lack of awareness has had a great impact on the affected individuals, families, and communities. Diagnosis and therapies of the disorder have been significantly affected by stigmatization and discrimination associated with the disorder. All these factors contributed to the creation of the World Autism Awareness Day. On this day, the main agenda is usually to advance the rights of individuals with Autism. It also encourages them to participate fully in the betterment of society. Their inclusion contributes greatly to a bright future filled with opportunity for all individuals.

The event reflects on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and their implication for improving the lives of people with Autism. The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon stands out as the most distinguished symbol representing autism fraternity in the world. Recent data indicates that one in every 68 kids in America has autism. On this day, people show their support for individuals with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon. You can either stick it on your shirt or place it in your car. Some people also use the badge on their blog or even as Facebook profile pictures so as to educate folks on the potential of people with autism.

The theme color of the World Autism Awareness Month is bright royal blue. The Puzzle Piece Ribbon is a symbol of the distress that people with autism faces and the intricacy of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Also, since every puzzle piece is unique in some manner, it accurately symbolizes the diversity of the affected individuals. The World Autism Awareness day is celebrated through; presidential declarations, online events and activities, local events and activities through affiliates and also by partner opportunities.