Third Trimester

New Study Links Preterm Birth With Sleep Disorders

What to do if Sleep Issues Continue

If a pregnancy has become more complicated because of sleep issues, women are encouraged to seek out professional advice from a healthcare provider. There are various forms of insomnia, so finding out what is causing a restless night and daytime sleepiness is vital for the health of the mother and unborn infant. There are safe and effective treatments for pregnant women that are facing a sleep disorder. Treating that from the start could essentially help in lowering the number of preterm infants with sleeping disorders. A doctor could help in getting to the root of the problem even after birth, giving the mother and her child a better peace of mind overall. Insomnia generally responds well to treatment. Addressing other issues should not be ruled out, as insomnia can just be one issue. Those with insomnia may also report preexisting anxiety and depression related symptoms. Both of these should be addressed in addition to the sleep disorder, as stress has been linked to preterm birth, too.