Dermatologist Questions Hives

13 yr old with hives, should we go to the doctor?

My 13 yr old has had hives for 4 days (only on chest, back and behind ears). They do itch but we have it under control using Aveeno lotion, oatmeal baths, and Zyrtec. However, the rash/hives are still there. Should I take her in? She has no other symptoms!

Female | 13 years old
Complaint duration: 4 days
Medications: Zyrtech
Conditions: Seasonal allergies

8 Answers

She should be evaluated for the cause of the hives by your doctor dermatologist
Take her to the pediatrician for specific diagnosis and treatment
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Doctors are trained for many years to make diagnosis and treat. Many patients often go to doctors and say they have eczema, etc., but sometimes it turns out to be something else. Go to a doctor you can trust, then let him/her does the job. Self diagnosis is a very dangerous thing.
Yes. It sounds like you have it under control. But it is important to try to figure out what’s causing it. I recommend seeing your board certified dermatologist
If she is responding to antihistamines I would give her a couple of weeks before seeing the doctor. I recommend keeping a diary to see if you notice any pattern to the flares.
Self diagnosed hives? No problem? Antihistamines will always reduce symptoms of itch or rash. PROPER Diagnosis will then be alot more difficult. Use of steroids, antihistamines etc to reduce the symptoms before going to the doctor will surely guarantee a wrong diagnosis.
If no other symptoms, I would continue exactly what you are doing. The hives should eventually settle down. Chronic hives (> 6 weeks) can happen and if this does, you might consider seeing an Allergist.
There is a work up we do to look for the cause of hives.

We also can manage them.

You should make an appt