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Taking Aleve and Tums together?

I just took Aleve and Tums together. Is that okay?

Odd sound in my head sometimes when I blink?

I am a 70 year old male diabetic. Sometimes, mostly after waking up and sometimes continues for hours: I will hear a sound in my head when I blink. Almost electrical sound....

Weird pain?

I have pain in my upper and lower abdomen on the right side the pain is dull it feels like a bruise but there isn’t one. When pain comes briefly for a sec it’s sharp it doesn’t...

Low HGB and HCT?

What can cause low HGB (13. 9gm/bl) and HCT (39. 7%) levels? My iron was normal. folate level (18. 6ng) is high, but b12 is normal. my HGB and HCT were low on 2 different tests...

High blood pressure?

I'm a 50 year old woman. Blood pressure is 170 over 105. My doctor's appointment is August 3


I have been off the pill for 4 months! I have just started taking gel and pills for the past month for menopause! After 25 days the instructions say to stop for 5 days! Are you...

I’m sick?

I have headaches, chills, fever, nausea and started having period symptoms. My period ended last week.

Pinched nerve?

I have a pinched nerve in my left elbow. It is making part of my left hand numb. I have been told that there is surgery for this problem. However, I have keloids. I am worried...

Anal pain?

I have severe anal pain. It's swollen on the bottom left of my anus but every other part of my anus is fine. This is resulting in my anus to hurt extremely. There is pain relief...

Covid vaccines?

I received a moderna shot for my first time and the second time I had a pfizer shot Is this safe?


5-6 days ago I began to have a slight headache. That night I had a slight fever. The day after the fever ranged from 102-103. 7 without medication. Fast forward to today, ~6...

Waterlogged-looking hands that peel?

What is causing the palms of my hands to look as though they've been in water for a long period of time and then peel, as well?

Sex drive has lowered at 16?

These last few days my sex drive has been lower than usual should I be worried or go see a doctor?

Tonsillectomy question?

I am 18 days post-tonsillectomy, with no bleeding or issues during recovery. Am I safe to drink alcohol?

Enquiring about my physical health?

I am experiencing fatigue and a lack of motivation and it affects my daily life. I was diagnosed with anxiety - OCD previously. I would like to enquire about the reasons why...

Red blotchy spots on forearms?

Sometimes when I bump my forearm into something like a chair a red blotchy spot develops under the skin shortly thereafter. It fades slowly over a 4-7 day period. What causes...

Triple negative breast cancer?

My partner was diagnosed July 20, 20, and started chemo in Sept of 3 Feb every 3 weeks followed by 6 carbo with pacatacil for 12 weeks. Then a lumpectomy along with the removal...


Is it safe to get a COVID vaccine if I have the homozygous MTHFR mutation?


My father recently passed away from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. 25 years ago my mom died of a brain aneurysm is this hereditary from both of them should I be concerned about...

Ash in eye?

Ash got into the eye, can't tell if it's ash stuck on the brown middle of the eye or a burned surface of the eye.

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