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Ankle fracture?

I'm a 20 year old from India. On 26th March 2021, I had a fall while playing volleyball and then I was diagnosed with Jones Fracture for left leg with the cast for 1 month of which 8 days are still remaining. I was barely able to move with jumping on my right leg. But today 18 April 2021, I had another fall while moving from bathroom to bed and it involves stairs. I think my right ankle is also fractured. If it's true. What should I do now? I mean how can I move now?

Male | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 7-8 hours
Medications: I'm taking Aceclofenac 200mg, Calcium and multivitamin tablets twice a day
Conditions: Possible Ankle Fracture

2 Answers

Go to the doctor and get an X-ray to evaluate the ankle and foot.

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD
If the pain is terrible and there’s a lot of swelling, you need to see your orthopedic doctor and have an X-ray for the right ankle. If there is no bone pain when you palpate the outside bone, it’s more likely that you have a sprain.