Psychiatrist Questions Anxiety


Can I take another anxiety pill if I all ready took one at 2 o'clock

Male | 26 years old
Complaint duration: 11/13/22
Medications: Hydroxyzine
Conditions: Anxiety high blood pressure

5 Answers

Hydroxyzine can generally be taken every 6 hours as needed for anxiety. Check with your prescribing physician for any possible medical concerns/drug interactions. The most common side effects are dizziness and drowsiness so it’s commonly advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery.
This is a good question for your psychiatrist, depending on your age, health history, height, weight, and other risk factors a doctor takes into consideration before prescribing medications.
You have to be more specific 1) how have you been taking the medication
regularly? ; 2) what is the medication you took earlier?
To answer your question one would need to know when you took your most recent dose and its strength and any other medications among lots of other information.
Hydroxyzine 25 mg is a weak anti anxiety yes you can take another one, the maximum dose is 25 mg 5 x a day