Hospitalist Questions Internal Medicine

Are all hospitalists internists?

I will have a long hospital stay soon and I am curious about the doctors in these roles. Are they all internists?

6 Answers

Not always. Family medicine, internal medicine, and very commonly you will see nurse practitioners overseen by a physician in these roles.
No. Any physician that cares for patients in the hospital is considered a hospital list. That person may be a Internal Medicine physician and ICU acute care provider or Family Practice. They're also nurse practitioners that are hospitalist such as myself.
Essentially yes. Most hospitalist go through Internal Medicine residency programs and become a hospitalist thereafter. There are a select few who go through a family medicine residency program and become hospitalists as well. Both backgrounds have hospitalist practice as a PCP for patients while in a residency program but the internal medicine background is more focused on hospitalized patient's and their acute issues, whereas the family medicine program is more outpatient problem oriented.

Hope this helps and good luck with your upcoming hospital stay,

Jack Stephens, MD
Not all hospitalists are internists. This depends on what hospital you are at and their requirements. Practicing community physicians may have agreement/rights to see patients in the hospitals as well. It all depends on the hospital you will be attending. I hope this helps. Good luck with your stay.
Usually. The vast majority are internal Medicine trained. However, family practice physicians who have been practicing hospital based Medicine and who come from excellent training programs, especially those with a hospital Medicine fellowship are sometimes found practicing hospitalist Medicine. My group currently has four fp physicians who are fantastic.