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Are compression socks good for swollen feet?

I am a 28 year old female and my feet are swollen. Are compression socks good for swollen feet?

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If you have chronic swelling compression socks are a great idea. I would start with a low compression grade such as a 15-20mmHg which is nursing grade compression.
It depends upon what is causing the swelling. Remember, the socks need to "push" the fluid from the feet towards to the center of the body. For these reasons, they need to propel the venous blood from the toes upwards. If the socks are too tight around the ankles, it could have the opposite effect, and actually worsen the swelling. Best bet is to find out why the feet are swollen in the first place, and make any necessary adjustments to diet (low sodium) or blood pressure, or weight (losing weight, if indicated, may prove useful).

Kenneth D. Candido, M.D.
They are very good. They vary with amount of compression needed, so get checked out first to find out what you need.
Compression socks can be helpful for swelling
Compression socks are good for swollen feet if the problem is cause by fluid retention and/or venous insufficiency. Compression may also be used for lymphangitis/lymphedema. But it is important to have these conditions checked, particularly if you are only 28 years old. These types of swelling may increase in patients who have been pregnant, as the pressure of the baby on the Iliac Veins within the abdomen often results in chronic venous insufficiency or swelling. But there may be other reasons for the swelling, including many inflammatory arthropathies and autoimmune disease, among other things.

Compression stockings are a good option for swollen feet, however, you should find out the cause of the swollen feet.
It’s good to reduce the swelling as long as you don’t sleep with socks on. Also, try to move the top end of the socks periodically so it will not compromise the skin circulation. Most notice if the swelling if it is putting or no putting, in which putting leaves dimpling when pressed.
Yes, they are good for swollen feet and to keep feet from swelling in the first place. Many runners use them for exactly these reasons. Most athletic stores carry a wide variety of compression socks