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Are oats a healthy breakfast option?

I have been trying to cut sugary foods from my diet. Are oats healthy as a breakfast option?

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Yes! Oats/oatmeal provides fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without added sugars.
Oats are fantastic! However, that said, why are you choosing to cut sugary foods from your diet? If you add sugar to your oats then they are no longer a healthy option. If you add a healthy fat to your oats, then they will be a good option.
To answer your question, "Are oats a healthy breakfast option?" the answer is yes. But, with a caveat. Quick oats or packaged instant oats are NOT healthy. The best oats to consume are steel cut oats. It takes about 12 minutes to cook. I only add ground cinnamon and about 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts. Hope this answers your question. As a side note, eating steel cut
oats is best at lunch instead of breakfast. The reason being that it's better to start your morning with protein than a carbohydrate.
Oatmeal a good choice for breakfast, but hold the sugar. Whether it's steel-cut or rolled oats, quick-cooking or instant, oatmeal is good for you, experts say—with a few caveats. As long as it's sugar-free, eating oatmeal for breakfast is a good choice.
I recommend you skip the oats as they will raise blood sugar just like sugar. You can replace them with some whole food options, such as eggs with vegetables or Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit.

Kirsten Miller, MNT, CNT, CSNC