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My daughter has celiac disease, and is having trouble with the gluten-free diet. What do you recommend?

My daughter has celiac disease and is having issues with adjusting to the gluten-free diet. Do you have any recommendations to make this diet more, I don't know, enjoyable for...

Does MSG in food cause heart problems?

I recently came across an article that said MSG found in various foods can cause heart problems. Is this really true?

Is it okay to have only fruits for breakfast?

Most days, I grab a piece of fruit and run for the door. Is it okay to only have fruits for breakfast?

Why is my mother refusing to eat?

For the past two days, my mother has refused to eat any food that we give her. What could have triggered this? She's 70 years old.

Can you suggest the proper diet for someone suffering from constipation?

My mother has a problem with constipation, which keeps happening. She started to take laxatives, and they help, somewhat, but we'd rather her not depend on them and take them...

Is there a special diet I should give my daughter while she's on her period?

My daughter is quite healthy and is 13 years old. She has recently started getting her period, and has been feeling rather drained out. Should I give her a special diet during...

How much salt is too much salt?

I am working to change my diet and try to lose weight. One thing I love is salty foods. How much salt is too much salt for me?

Is there any medication that can bring down cholesterol levels?

I have been experiencing issues with high cholesterol, despite of me being more in control of my diet and exercise regimen. Is there any medications that I should be using to...

Are oats a healthy breakfast option?

I have been trying to cut sugary foods from my diet. Are oats healthy as a breakfast option?

Will eating fruits every day increase my sugar levels?

I suffer with constipation, and usually start my day with a bowl of fruit. Will this have a negative effect on my sugar levels?

Is it safe to go off rice and wheat for a long period of time?

I am planning to take on a diet that requires me to give up rice and wheat for a long period of time. Is this safe? Will this leave me with little energy?

Does a juice fast work?

I wanted to try a juice fast for 2 days to cleanse my system. Does this actually work?

Can drinking less water be the cause of my fatigue and tiredness?

My doctor actually told me I was drinking too much water. I cut back and now I am feeling more tired. I don't know what to do. Can you recommend anything?

Can only lifestyle changes help me lose weight?

I am really struggling with my health because I have gained a lot of weight. Can only lifestyle changes help me to lose the excess weight that I have gained? I need to lose at...

Does milk improve immunity?

My child refuses to drink milk. Do you think it will damage his immunity in the long run? The only dairy he's interested in is cheese and ice cream, but of course I don't want...

Can consuming fennel seeds after eating cause relief from bloating and gas?

My mother gives us fennel seeds after every meal, and she says it’s the best way to get relief from gas and bloating. Is this true?

What is a good way to increase appetite?

My appetite has been off lately. Are there any natural supplements that I should be taking to enhance my appetite?

What cheese is good for my child?

There are a number of cheeses available in the market. If I want to feed my child cheese purely from a nutritional point of view, what should I opt for?

If my child is losing weight, is there a problem?

For the past week, my daughter has been gradually losing weight. It's now worrying me. Her eating pattern seems fine, so I don’t know why she is losing the weight. Should I...

Will eating eggs every day make me sick?

I have been on a diet for a long time mainly to lose weight. For the last 5 years I've been eating 2 eggs for breakfast. Is this okay in the long run?

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