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Does milk improve immunity?

My child refuses to drink milk. Do you think it will damage his immunity in the long run? The only dairy he's interested in is cheese and ice cream, but of course I don't want...

Can consuming fennel seeds after eating cause relief from bloating and gas?

My mother gives us fennel seeds after every meal, and she says it’s the best way to get relief from gas and bloating. Is this true?

What is a good way to increase appetite?

My appetite has been off lately. Are there any natural supplements that I should be taking to enhance my appetite?

What cheese is good for my child?

There are a number of cheeses available in the market. If I want to feed my child cheese purely from a nutritional point of view, what should I opt for?

If my child is losing weight, is there a problem?

For the past week, my daughter has been gradually losing weight. It's now worrying me. Her eating pattern seems fine, so I don’t know why she is losing the weight. Should I...

Which fruits are okay for a diabetes patient?

My husband is 34 years old and is diabetic. Is it okay for him to consume fruits? Which ones?

Is it okay to feed cheese and butter to kids?

Should I be feeding things like cheese and butter to my kids? Aren't these important sources of calcium at a young age? What should the limit be?

What foods should I eat more of for a B12 deficiency?

I have recently been diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency in my reports. How should I change my diet? I have a dairy allergy but everything else is fair game.

Should someone with hemorrhoids change their diet?

My husband has been suffering from hemorrhoids. Although he is on medication I am told diet can help him recover faster. What changes should he make?

Is eating a lot of eggs a problem?

I am into weight lifting and I have been advised to consume a lot of eggs. However I feel it is causing me indigestion. Is eating 6-8 eggs a day a problem?

My child refuses to drink milk. Will it cause any health issues for him?

My child is 3 and a half years old and refuses to drink milk. Is it really important for kids to have milk everyday? What will happen if he stops drinking milk completely?

What is the right diet after a gall bladder stone removal surgery?

My husband had a gall bladder stone removed very recently. Is there a proper diet that he should be following, after surgery?

My daughter is very fussy about her food. How do I ensure she gets proper nutrition?

My daughter is 3 years old and is extremely picky and fussy about her food. How do I ensure she gets proper nutrition?

Is fish oil safe to be given to a 3 year old?

I understand the benefits of fish oil for adults and even for dogs, but is it okay to give to children? When is it considered safe to include in the diet?

Can a no-carb diet be healthy?

I am on a no-carb diet for weight loss. Is it healthy or can it have negative implications on my health?

Can a low sodium diet reduce my BP?

I am planning to take up a low sodium diet to lose weight. Can it have a negative impact on my BP?

Could you recommend a diet for reducing triglycerades?

I have been diagnosed with borderline triglycerades. Can you suggest a diet to reduce this?

What is the permissable amount of MSG in food?

There is a lot being said about the side effects of MSG in food. Is there a certain amount of MSG that our bodies should have?

Is a keto diet safe?

I have been wanting to start out on the keto diet but I am worried if it is really safe. Is there anything that I should be wary of before I start?

What are harmful foods that can impact my child's learning?

I recently read an article that spoke about foods can impact learning ability in a child. Can this really be true? If it is, what are these harmful foods?

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