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Are there any non-medical treatments for anxiety?

I have anxiety. Are there any non-medical treatments for anxiety?

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By "non-medical," I think you mean no medication? if yes, there certainly are things that you can try aside from medication. People with anxiety often find great relief in talking with a therapist. This allows for individuals to learn the triggers for their anxiety and also learn coping skills to manage it. Physical exercise is always a great idea, anxious or not. Yoga, meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, and other Eastern practices can also help to reduce anxiety symptoms.
Hello. Glad to say, yes, lots of them depending on lots of factors. Perhaps you could go to a medical person (doctor, nurse, psychologist) just to ascertain which would fit you best. Kinda like if you didnt know your shoe size, you might go to a shoe store to measure you, even if you wanted to buy the shoes on line. They will ask what your symptoms are, how long you have had them, whether you know what causes them for ex., some people get anxious only when taking exams, or making speeches. Others are anxious all the time. The evaluator could then recommend exercise, or meditation, or hypnosis, or cognitive-behavioral therapy (using workibooks), or a group. Many other non-medical treatments available. Get the shoe that fits YOU> peace, (Dr.) Marian Shapiro Licensed Clinical Psychologist
A Psychologist can teach coping skills to address the physiological and cognitive symptoms of anxiety. We can also help identify patterns within your life that are exacerbating or creating anxiety, allowing you to make changes to your behaviors/activities to lessen the impact of daily life on your emotions.