Plastic Surgeon Questions Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Are there extra risks for a diabetic?

I am a diabetic, and was hoping to have a tummy tuck done. Would this procedure be too risky for someone with my condition?

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You don't have a higher risk of developing an infection if you are diabetic, but if you develop an infection after a tummy tuck, it makes it more difficult to treat.
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Thank you for your inquiry. Being diabetic does not eliminate you from having a cosmetic procedure. However, prior to any surgery you should talk to your family doctor or specialist to make sure you are a good candidate.
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Diabetes is a relative risk and it depends upon if your diabetes is Type I or Type II. Type I being more of a risk than Type II
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Thank you for the inquiry. No, you are not at an extra risk with having diabetes. Every patient has lab tests done prior to the procedure to ensure that their blood sugars are stable.

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There is a definite risk. You have to stay in control of your diabetes. Blood supply to heal the wound can be compromised. You will need excellent wound care. The surgery itself can be done with minor variations that help protect the healing process.