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What should I do to prevent an infection after plastic surgery?

I am planning to undergo a plastic surgery for my nose. What is the after care required to prevent any form of infection post-surgery?

What are the risk factor associated with a plastic surgery?

Are there any kinds of risk factors associated with plastic surgery? If yes, could you please highlight a few? I am thinking about getting breast implants and I want to know...

Is bariatric surgery painful?

I am planning to undergo bariatric surgery to get rid of excess weight. Is this surgery painful?

If my nose surgery goes wrong, can It be corrected?

I am planning to undergo plastic surgery for my nose. But, I am worried if the surgery doesn’t get the desired results, can it be corrected?

How do I prepare my body before undergoing liposuction?

I am planning to take on liposuction around my tummy and hands. How should I prepare my body so that the procedure is successful?

Can I change my skin color with plastic surgery?

My skin on my face is extremely tanned and pigmented. Can plastic surgery help me go down two shades lighter?

I have a birth mark around my waist that looks very ugly. Can it be removed with plastic surgery?

I have a big birth mark around my waist that looks very ugly ,especially when I wear jeans and short tops. Can I have plastic surgery to have this mark removed?

I have a scar because of a fall from when I was a kid. Can the mark be cleared through a cosmetic surgery?

I have a scar from the stitches I received when I was a kid, it cuts through my eyebrows and reaches to about my forehead. It's a really odd spot and I am unable to hide it with...

I have discoloration around my chin area. Can chemical peels help in treating it?

I have some discoloration around my chin area because of my PCOD. Can I try chemical peels to treat this?

What are the risks involved with a plastic surgery procedure?

My sister wants to undergo a plastic surgery to correct her facial features. I would like to know what are the risks involved with a plastic surgery procedure?

Can liposuction work for diabetic patients?

I would like to undergo liposuction to get rid of all my extra weight, but I am also diabetic. How well will this procedure work when I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?...

Can plastic surgery remove a birthmark?

I have a birth mark just above my eyebrows. I absolutely hate it, since it's so ugly--it doesn't look like it belongs. Can plastic surgery help in removing this birthmark?

Is liposuction a permanent treatment?

Can you please confirm if liposuction is a permanent solution to tummy tuck or is it temporary? I want to undergo this procedure, but I want to know if it is really worth it....

Can 15 year old burn marks be removed with plastic surgery?

I am currently 34 years old. I had an accident 15 years back that caused burn marks on my hand. While the wound was treated, the scars have remained and I can't look at them...

What are the risks associated with a jaw contouring treatment?

My jawline is drooping and I am planning to have a jaw contouring treatment so that it could be readjusted. Can you please tell me the risks that are associated with it?

I am planning to get a nose job done. What are the chances of success?

I have a very crooked nose and for a long time I have been self-conscious about it. I am considering getting a nose job done. However, I am scared that if it doesn’t work out,...

Is a cosmetic surgery the same as a plastic surgery?

I see a number of cosmetic surgery clinics opened up around my place of residence. I am very curious to know if a cosmetic surgeon is the same as a plastic surgeon or are they...

Does liposcution help one lose weight or does it only tighten the skin?

I am planning to get liposuction around my tummy area because I am unable to lose the fat there. Does liposuction only help in skin tightening or does it also help in weight loss?...

What does Botox treatment include?

I have been recommending my sister botox treatment for her sagging skin. However, I really don't know what it involves myself (so I really can't talk about it as much as I am)....

My mother in law has extremely dark and dry skin around her foot. Is there a way to treat this?

My mother-in-law is heavily diabetic and keeps having edema off and on around her feet. As a result of this, her skin around her feet has become severely dry and itchy and badly...

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