Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Back Pain

Back pain

I am a male aged 49. I been having pain hip down to my right leg for the past two weeks, I've used ointment and diclofenac but I haven't' got any relief. What should do?

Male | 49 years old
Complaint duration: 15days
Medications: Diclofenac and vitamin B complex
Conditions: Ointments

2 Answers

I would start with a healthcare professional. This can be a chiropractor or a medical doctor that specializes in back issues. It sounds like it could be a disc problem. Get Outlook for iOS<https://aka.ms/o0ukef>
Radiating leg pain could be from pinching of nerve in the spine or muscle spasm. It can be from injury or lifting heavy or wear and tear. I would suggest to see your doctor for spine evaluation.
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