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Blood in urine?

I've been having pain in my left side and peeing more often, the pain is unreal in my side and making me feel ill.

Female | 25 years old
Complaint duration: Couple of months
Medications: Mini pill
Conditions: None

4 Answers

May be from kidney stone. Please see your family physician and he may check your urine and do some imaging studies.
Urine analysis and urine culture is needed
I am assuming you are also seeing blood in urine since its in the title of your question. In a 25 year old, the most common reason to have left sided severe pain, feeling ill (nausea) and having blood in your urine is a kidney stone. If its down close to your bladder, it can also make you go frequently.
An x-ray can some times show the stone, as well as a ct scan, and you can be counseled on best options. your doctor will run addition urine tests on you and possibly an ultrasound. If your pain is very strong, you should seek medical care immediately.
Blood in the urine should always be investigated. You should see your local doctor or a urologist. To find out what can cause blood in the urine see my website daviesurology.co.nz