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What are the symptoms of a UTI?

How would I know if I had a UTI? Lately it has been painful when I pee. Can it be caused by STDs? How are UTIs treated?

What should I do for my son's bedwetting?

My son wets the bed often, and I feel like he's a little too old to still experience them. He's 11 years old, and I want to help him. What can we do to help him stop?

What should I use to cleanse my kidneys?

I would like to cleanse my kidneys in order to prevent any issues--I also just overcame a kidney infection, so I feel like a detox is needed. What foods or drinks do you recommend...

Why do some teens get kidney stones?

My younger cousin needed to have surgery because he had, not one, but two, large kidney stones that he wasn't able to pass. It seems kidney stones are rare to happen to a 15 year...

Should I go to the ER for a UTI?

I think I'm experiencing symptoms of a UTI. I've had one before, but this time I have severe abdominal pain, along with a fever. This seems a lot more serious than my last UTI,...

Is incontinence normal after treatment for a kidney infection?

My daughter did not complain about pain associated with a kidney infection until it was too late. We had to go to urgent care, and then to a hospital where she was immediately...

My daughter keeps getting UTIs. Is this a sign of a kidney issue?

It seems like every few months that my daughter is getting a UTI, and she's only 13 years old. I'm worried that this could be a much deeper issue than just a UTI. Could reoccurring...

What tests are needed for kidney stones?

My husband is in so much pain, all over the place, but it's mainly on his left side where his kidneys would be, so I think it's kidney stones. If it is kidney stones, what tests...

Will a kidney transplant at the age of 48 work?

My husband is 48 years old and his left kidney is losing function. He also has diabetes. Will a kidney transplant at his age work?

Does kidney transplant surgery necessitate a trauma surgeon?

My mother needs to have a kidney transplant. I am wondering if a trauma surgeon performs this procedure? Read this article to learn more.

Is there a way to substitute dialysis with any medication?

My son has a problem with his left kidney. Is there a way to treat his condition with medications instead of dialysis?

Is local anesthesia sometimes used for transplant surgery?

I need to have a kidney transplant, and I'm curious about the type of anesthesia that is going to be used. Is it going to be local anesthesia or will I be completely out?

What medicine can I give my mother who is suffering from kidney pain?

My mother is suffering from CKD and has a lot of pain in her kidneys, especially when passing urine. What medications should she take to ease the pain?

My son has juvenile diabetes. Can this lead to kidney problems?

My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and is still learning how to manage it. We're doing everything we can to help him, but will this condition...

How can I prevent kidney stones from recurring?

I keep having kidney stones, and they are almost like reoccurring. They pass naturally but they still cause a lot of pain. What can I do to prevent this?

Are X-ray images always accurate?

My doctor was suspecting kidney stones but the the x-ray didn’t show anything. Are x-ray images always accurate?

Is an MRI used to diagnose kidney stones?

I have severe pain in my left side, and I think it's my kidneys. I can walk, but barely. My mom wants me to go to the hospital, but I'm a little scared. She thinks it's kidney...

What are the precautions to take after a kidney transplant?

What precautions one should take after a kidney transplant?

What is the treatment for urinary incontinence?

I am a diabetes patient and am now have issues with urinary incontinence. I can't seem to help it, other than going to the bathroom every five minutes. Is there a treatment for...

How does a UTI turn into a kidney infection?

My daughter had to be rushed to the hospital because of a kidney infection. The doctors said that she had let her UTI go too far, which is why the kidney infection developed....

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