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My 15 year old son has been diagnosed with kidney stones. How can this be treated?

My son is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with kidney stones. The doctor thinks they are too big for him to pass naturally. What can be done to treat this?

Can an X-ray determine my kidney function?

I am a diabetes patient and lately, I am having trouble passing urine. I am starting to worry that my kidneys are being affected. Can an X-ray determine my kidney function level?...

Should I try physical therapy for my urinary incontinence?

I have severe urinary incontinence. Do you think physical therapy will help to manage my condition?

My father has been diagnosed with obstructive uropathy. Can this be treated?

My father is 78 years old and has been diagnosed with obstructive uropathy. Can this be treated? What would the best course of treatment be?

Can tampons cause a urinary tract infection?

I have always used tampons, but have recently been getting frequent UTI's. Can tampons cause these infections?

Can diabetes cause frequent urinary infections?

I have type 2 diabetes, and have been getting recurrent UTI's. Could this be because of my diabetes? What can I do to prevent them?

My urine smell is very strong. Is there a problem?

I have a very foul and strong smell coming from my urine. Does this indicate an infection of some kind?

Why do I have this weird foul smell in my urine?

I have been experiencing a weird and foul smell in my urine for the past 5 days. I'm wondering if this could be due to the antibiotics that I'm on for a viral infection. Could...

How is a urine infection managed in a diabetic person?

My mother in law is heavily diabetic and currently has a urine infection. Are there any special precautions to keep in mind?

Is a kidney disease likely to put pressure on my mom's heart?

My mother is suffering from CKD. I would like to know if this disease put any pressure on her heart as well?

What are the foods that can lead to kidney stones?

My son was diagnosed with kidney stones after he consumed a lot of dairy. He did pass them, but I would like to prevent any kidney stones from developing. Are there any other...

After three years of my kidney transplant, my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Its been three years since I had my kidney transplant. Up until now, I had no issue. But now my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Can hemorrhoids impact my kidney functioning too?

I have had hemorrhoids for the past 6 months and I am undergoing treatment for it right now. Will this condition impact my kidneys too?

Is my fever due to my infectious UTI?

I have been diagnosed with a severe UTI and I am currently undergoing treatment for it. I also have fever that is fluctuating. Could it be because of the UTI?

Can kidney disease cause extreme bloating?

My mother is having a lot of bloating to the point where it's visually obvious. Is it due to her kidney disease?

Can kidney disease cause decline in sex drive?

My creatinine levels are going up rapidly and I have chronic kidney disease that I take medicine for. Lately my sex drive has gone down too. Is it because of my kidney condition?...

Does a healthy person need to check creatinine levels?

Is it necessary for a healthy person to check creatinine levels? Why or why not?

How long does it take for kidney stones to pass?

If someone has been detected with kidney stones, how long does it take to pass them out naturally?

Can kidney disease ever be reversed?

The doctor has recently diagnosed me with kidney disease. I had no symptoms. What can I do to reverse this condition? Is that even possible?

When should I do kegel exercises?

I have heard doing kegel exercises helps protect the bladder. Who should ideally be doing these exercises? What else can they benefit?

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