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Blood in urine once?

I noticed blood in my urine a few hours ago. Subsequent urine has had no blood. Before the urine in blood, my urine normally has a strong smell. I had surgery and radiation for prostate cancer two years ago. I am 66 years old. Should I go to a doctor or continue to monitor. I have no pain when urinating.

Male | 66 years old
Complaint duration: 1day
Medications: None
Conditions: Prostate cancer in remission

5 Answers

Obviously, blood in the urine is not normal but we do see it after radiation. I would suggest that you follow up with your urologist to get a urine culture and cytology and then consider a cystoscopy if you ever smoked cigarettes.

Dr. Niko Lailas
If it happens again, I think you should contact your urologist. Long-term risks of radiation include radiation cystitis, which is damage to the bladder lining and can cause bleeding. There is also a remote risk of bladder cancer after radiation to the prostate. Your urologist may wish to inspect your bladder with a telescope.
You would need a:

-Blood test (PSA AND BMP)
-CT abdomen and pelvis with and without IV contrast if you’re creatinine is normal
-And a cystoscopy
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My recommendation is to please play it safe, you should have a urologist in your life, please just check in with him/her! It may have been nothing important that caused the blood in your urine, but there’s a 50-50 chance that there is something more seriously wrong, and it is often the first sign of kidney or bladder cancer!
The causes for seeing blood in the urine are still multiple, even the ones like you after radical prostatectomy and subsequent radiation. Hence, it is advisable to report such an event to your urologist with no delay despite no emergency. To prepare you how to effectively interact with the doctors, please review "What to do at sickness?" at https://www.foralm.com/post/www-foralm-com-what-should-you-do-when-you-feel-and-become-sick. To know more on "about the blood in the urine - hematuria," go to hematuria. Then, work closely with your trusted doctors. Of note, inside http://www.foralm.com and http://www.formefirst.com, you can find lots of information to help all living souls live along happy life.
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