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Can I pop a pus pocket on my gums?

I have a pus pocket on my gums. Can I pop a pus pocket on my gums?

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The pus came from an infection, so you need to see a dentist to give you the right treatment and stop the infection.
You should see a dentist. Most likely the pus pocket is an abscess in the bone caused by a gum infection or a root canal issue.
There is a good chance that it will return unless you know what is the source of the infection and you knowing why you have such a condition.

If for example it is a Herpes Simplex lesion, not only will it return in the same location without medication, but also the fluid that comes out may spread the infection to your fingers or other areas that you touch with the resulting fluid thereafter.

Respectfully Yours,
Dr Wayne J Yee
 It is not advised to pop a dental abscess on your own.  It is strongly recommended that this is done by your dentist or a health professional in conjunction with antibiotics consumption. 
Yes, but you should still see a dentist to evaluate the cause because it is likely to redevelop.