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How can I get rid of teeth stains caused due to smoking?

I was a chain smoker and now I have stains on my teeth. What should I do to get rid of them?

My daughter has a gap between her front two teeth. Is it normal?

My daughter has a little gap in her front two teeth. Is this normal and can it be corrected in any way?

I suddenly have a gap in between my front teeth. Why?

I am 35 years old and lately I noticed there is an increasing gap between my front two teeth. What could be the reason that this is happening now?

Are there any home remedies to treat canker sores?

What are the best home remedies to quickly treat canker sores?

Are raisins good for your teeth?

My dentist recently told me that raisins can be good for my child's teeth because they can help fight cavities. But I am not convinced. Is it true?

Can cola be the cause of discoloration in my teeth?

My teeth are starting to look discolored. I have been drinking plenty of soda and also coffee. Could these be the cause? Should I look into whitening them?

A part of my tooth that should be in the gums is visibly out. What can be done to treat it?

A part of my tooth that should ideally be in the gums is visible outside. Is there any way to treat this?

Is there any replacement for braces to get the perfect smile?

I am extremely conscious about my smile and would like to correct it. Is there a way to get a perfect smile without braces?

Is my tooth infection spreading?

I had nerve pain and tooth sensitivity on the last tooth on the bottom right side. However, now I feel like even the tooth before that is having a similar sensation. Could it...

Can a root canal have prolonged recovery?

I underwent a root canal about 6 months back, however I have still not completely recovered from it. Does the recovery sometimes take this long?

What could be the reason for white spots on my gums?

I have small white spots on my gums. What could be the reason for this?

Why are my dental implants hurting my gums?

I recently got my dental implants fixed and it is hurting my gums. Is it temporary or should I speak to my periodontist?

Why does only one tooth area bleed when I floss?

I'd say about once every couple of weeks, my back top right tooth area bleeds very much when I floss. It takes a minute or so to stop. Why does this happen just in the one area?...

How often should you floss?

I was flossing my teeth everyday and the doctor said that is not very good for my teeth in the long run. How often should I be flossing instead?

Do dental whitening toothpastes contain bleach?

I have yellow stains on my teeth and was considering opting for a dental whitening toothpaste. Do these toothpastes contain bleach? Would they be safe when used for a longer...

I have a black stain on my tooth. How can I get it removed?

I have a strange black color stain on my tooth near my gumline. How can it be removed without any expensive treatment?

Why are my gums darkening?

The skin color on my gums seems to be darkening. . . What could it be?

My dental filling keeps coming out. What should I do?

My dental filling in one of my back teeth keeps coming out. This is now the 3rd time. Should I find a new dentist?

I just got a crown fit on my teeth but it hurts a lot. Does it require re-treatment?

I got a crown fit on my teeth but ever since the treatment last week it hurts a lot. Does it require another treatment?

Swollen and localised pain after done a deep cleaning; is this normal?

Last wed I went for my appointment for the cleaning of teeth but ended up doing the deep cleaning involving scaling due to examination of my gums and suggested to start this treatment...

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