Cardiologist Questions Bypass Surgery

Can I run after a bypass?

I've been an athlete for such a long time, but I recently underwent a bypass. How long should I wait before I start running again? Obviously I immediately can't, but I just want a time frame.

4 Answers

You could start at about 3 months but take it gently as there is a lot of catching up (in fitness) to do. You should be up to speed by a year.
6 weeks after the open heart surgery, I recommend a 3-month session of supervised structured form of exercise in a Cardiac rehab facility, phase II. Although it remains controversial, a stress test after completing the phase II rehab is advisable before resumption of the routine physical activity, such as running. It is advisable to do so in a gradual fashion. Consulting with the cardiac rehab physiologist prior to resuming running is prudent.
Approximately 6 months. Some younger patients who are athletes and recover faster can go back to rigorous exercise after 4 months. You should consult with your surgeon or cardiologist who is going to look at your sternum and look at your progress in cardiac rehab and make a decision for you.
After about three months when the sternotomy incision has healed well.