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What precautions does an anesthesiologist take for a blood pressure patient?

I am a high blood pressure patient and am due for a surgery. I am very worried about getting the anesthesia. What precautions will the doctor take given my condition?

My brother has been diagnosed with venous insufficiency. What is it and how can it be treated?

My brother is 37 years old and has been diagnosed with a condition called as venous insufficiency. What is this condition and how can it be treated?

After a heart surgery, will my daughter live a normal life?

My daughter is 5 years old and has had a cardiac surgery because she had a hole in the heart. Will she have a normal childhood post this surgery?

What is cardiac catheterization?

My father has been suggested cardiac catheterization. We are quite worried as we have never heard this term before. What is it and what does it involve?

M 32 suffered from CVD , my vescular specialist suggested to stop ecosprin.

M, 32 suffered from CVD, my vascular specialist suggested to stop Ecosprin, should I stop taking it? I suffered from cardio vascular disease in my left leg 2 years ago. Last...

I have blockages even after my bypass. Will I require another bypass?

I have been detected with blockages in my heart even after a bypass. Does it mean I would require another bypass?

I have venous inflammation in my legs. What could be the reason for this?

I have venous inflammation in both of my legs, and my doctors are going to see if I have anything to cause it at the end of the week. But what usually causes triggers this inflammation?...

My father suffered cardiac arrest. What should be follow up treatment?

My father suffered cardiac arrest but thank goodness the ER team was able to resuscitate him very quickly. He is 70 years old. What kinds of lifestyle changes should he make...

How will my life change after bypass surgery?

I am undergoing bypass surgery in a month or so. I am very nervous and want to hear from as many doctors I can about how different my life will be afterward.

Can a blood transfusion cause disruption in my heart rate?

I recently underwent a blood transfusion when I had a terrible car accident. I'm okay now, but ever since this transfusion, my heart rate feels like it has increased. Can the...

My stress test showed a very high heart rate. Should I be worried?

I had to take a stress test for my employment formalities, and the test showed that my heart rate was very high. Should I be concerned?

Why do I keep getting cold and cough since my heart surgery?

I had a angioplasty and a bypass surgery 3 months ago. Ever since then I keep getting a cough and cold often. Why does this happen?

Could Aspirin make me anxious?

I had a bypass and I have been advised to take Aspirin. However, I feel quite anxious. Could it be because of the new regimen?

Can blood thinners cause excessive bleeding?

My father had a mild heart attack and was given a blood thinner Ecosprin after his surgery. Suddenly he had some bleeding when passing urine, could it be due to the blood thinner...

What are the earliest symptoms of heart disease?

Heart disease, unfortunately, runs in my family. I am now 35 and am doing my best to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Are there any very early symptoms I should watch out for?

Will ayurvedic medication counteract with my blood pressure medication?

I have started ayurvedic treatment for my diabetes and I am taking medication for my blood pressure. Will the two counteract in any way?

Is there a way to treat high blood pressure naturally?

My husband has blood pressure issues and really doesn't want to take medications. Is there a way to treat high blood pressure naturally? I know diet and exercise can help but...

Could my family doctor have suspected my heart attack?

I regularly go to my family doctor for periodic checkups, but I still had a heart attack last month. I'm not sure if I had any obvious symptoms, but could my family doctor have...

Why is my mother's blood pressure high in the mornings?

My mom has high blood pressure, particularly in the mornings. Is there any reason for this?

How soon before my heart surgery should I stop smoking?

I have been a smoker for the last 15 years. I am due for an open heart surgery. I know I need to stop smoking. . . how soon before my operation is advised?

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