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How is a hole in a heart usually diagnosed?

What tests are used to diagnosed a hole in one's heart? I've only heard about this condition recently, and I'm pretty interested in it.

Are palpitations along with hypertension normal?

What will happen if I have palpitations along with hypertension? Is this normal or something that I should be concerned about?

Does MSG in food cause heart problems?

I recently came across an article that said MSG found in various foods can cause heart problems. Is this really true?

What is the best diet after having bypass surgery?

I had coronary artery bypass surgery 3 months ago. What are the kinds of foods I should be eating and staying away from?

Should blood thinnners be stopped before a surgery?

I am having surgery on my back in 2 weeks. Should I stop taking my blood thinners some time before the surgery? Will they cause any complications due to the anesthesia?

Are hemoglobin injections advisable for kids?

My daughter is 14 years old and is also anemic. The doctor has advised us to give her injections of hemoglobin, but should this really be advisable for kids to take?

What should I do when I have irregular heartbeats?

I feel like my heartbeat is pretty irregular. I'm not really sure what to do, other than committing to some lifestyle changes. What should I do?

How do blood thinners work?

My husband has been prescribed blood thinners. How do these work? Are there any risks we should be considering?

Will my stress cause me to have a heart attack?

I've been feeling really stressed because of my job, and it's been causing me to experience a lot of hypertension. Can this lead to a heart attack?

Why do I have high cholesterol after my bypass surgery?

I recently had a bypass surgery, and now my cholesterol levels have shot up. What could be causing this?

Do painkillers impact the heart?

Can taking painkillers on a regular basis impact my heart? Right now, I have to take OxyContin because of an accident that caused severe pain in my back.

What should you do if someone starts complaining of chest pain?

What are the first steps one should be taking in case a person is complaining of chest pain?

My father has been diagnosed with myocarditis. What does this mean?

In a recent cardiac evaluation, my father has been diagnosed with myocarditis. What could this mean?

Why did my father's angioplasty fail?

My father was going to have an angioplasty, but it actually failed and the surgeons changed the procedure to a bypass. What are the possible reasons for the surgery failing?...

After a heart surgery, when can my son start playing again?

My son went into cardiac surgery because he had a hole in his heart. But now he has been in recovery for at least a month. When is it okay for him to go back to his normal routine?...

My mothers heartbeat is irregular. What could be causing this?

My mother has been experiencing irregular heartbeats. What could be the cause? She also has issues with high blood pressure, could there be a connection?

Will anesthesia have a lasting effect on my blood pressure?

I am scheduled to have surgery in 3 weeks, and my blood pressure has been quite low. Is it safe for me to go under anesthesia?

Chronic Chest Pain

Hello, I’m a 40 year old male who was prescribed blood pressure medication (Amlodipine and Olmesartan) to keep my BP within the normal range in 2011. Since beginning on both...

What can be done for my mother's high blood pressure?

My mother has a number of health issues, one being high blood pressure. What can we do (without too many medications) to lower her blood pressure?

Can high cholesterol increase my chances of a heart problem?

My recent blood test reports that I have really high cholesterol levels. Could this increase my risk of getting a heart problem?

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