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How can acupuncture improve blood circulation?

I was reading an article for ways to improve my circulation, and a website actually suggested using acupuncture to help me. How does acupuncture help with improve circulation?...

What are the symptoms of a heart attack in women?

I heard that women do not have the same symptoms of a heart attack as men. And, that it's a little harder to diagnose a heart attack in women than in men. What different symptoms...

What are the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis?

Other than appearance, are there any other symptoms of deep vein thrombosis? Would there be any pain?

Are cardiovascular diseases hereditary?

My family has a history of cardiovascular diseases, and I'm worried that I might have one as well. Am I at risk for a cardiovascular disease if I have a family history with them?...

My child has shortness of breath. Is this a sign of a heart condition?

I've noticed that my child has been short on breath, and I'm scared that this could be a heart condition. I know this is a sign of heart condition with adults, but is it a sign...

Is vascular radiology a better treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

I have an issue with deep vein thrombosis and I want to do something that is minimally invasive. Should I look into vascular/interventional radiology as an option?

When should I get a chest scan?

I get really bad chest pains every once in a while, and it's really concerning me. Should I be getting a chest scan soon?

What blood pressure is high for children?

My child is 12 years old and during her checkups, her doctor checks her blood pressure. So far, it's been normal. But what is the level of blood pressure that is too high for...

Does a diabetic patient need to visit a cardiologist for carrying out a complete check-up?

Lately my father-in-law has been showing signs related to a heart problem where he starts to feel dizzy. There is pain in the chest region and many more symptoms. He is also...

What is the difference between a cardiologist and interventional cardiologist?

I am just curious to know what exactly is the difference both of these specialties. What does an interventional cardiologist do that a regular cardiologist doesn't?

Should I visit a cardiologist if I have kidney issues?

Is it necessary for a patient with chronic kidney disease to get a check-up from a cardiologist? Are they both related?

Does heart disease require surgery?

My grandfather is in his late 60s and also has heart disease. Does heart disease require surgery if its in a really advanced stage?

Do we need to visit a cardiologist for treating arrhythmia?

My father has an irregular heartbeat, and has been experiencing symptoms, such as palpitations, feeling dizzy and fainting spells. Can a cardiologist help my father treat his...

Do we need to visit a cardiologist if there is a family history of heart problems?

My mother is in her late 40s and she has been suffering from breathlessness and pain in the chest and back region. Could these be signs of heart issues? We also have a family...

Can acupuncture cure hypertension?

I have a high blood pressure problem. Can acupuncture help treat this?

What are the factors supporting a bone marrow transplant?

For a bone marrow transplant to be successful, what are the factors to be considered?

Is a platelet transfusion risky?

Are there any risks involved in a platelet transfusion?

What are the risk factors associated with a stroke?

My father had a stroke 3 months ago and is still recovering from it. What are the risk factors associated with a stroke?

What causes irregular heartbeats?

My mother has been admitted in the hospital for irregular heartbeats. What causes this? Could it pose any threats?

What does a cardiac electrophysiologist do?

What exactly does a cardiac electrophysiologist do, and check for? I need a test next week, ordered by my doctor. Thanks for your help and advice

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