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Can I take kalms?

I suffer with severe anxiety and depression and often have panic attacks, would kalms be effective at stopping this? Also, would it have adverse side effects in a 15 year old because it’s not recommended for children? My friend is curious if her daughter could take them too.

Female | 28 years old
Complaint duration: 6 years
Medications: Brown inhaler, blue inhaler, melatonin and Ritalin
Conditions: Asthma, PTSD, anxiety, depression

4 Answers

Why are you taking Ritalin? If you don't have ADHD, you might be having long-term side effects of Ritalin.

I am unfamiliar with the FDA endorsement of this product and it will be in your best interest to inquire with your pharmacy as to how or if this natural product interacts with your other medications and health history.
If the medication is not recommended for children, it’s better to avoid that medication. Your panic attacks may also be related to the use of Ritalin. I am not familiar with this brand name “kalm” as it is not available in Canada and therefore, I cannot comment on this.

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