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Can I take medrol dose pak if I had lasik?

I had my LASIK 4 months ago, just had a herniated disc and my doctor gave me medrol dose pak. Will this affect my vision?

Female | 27 years old

4 Answers

Unlikely for a Medrol dose pack to have any effect here-
Oral steroids will not affect your LASIK results.
You can take your medrol . It does not affect you lasik.
It is unlikely that the Medrol dose will have an impact on your Lasik procedure four months earlier. You may wish to double check with your refractive surgeon however. Rona Z. Silkiss, MD, FACS Chief, Division of Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive and Orbital Surgery California Pacific Medical Center Silkiss Eye Surgery 400 29th Street Suite 315 Oakland, CA, 94609 Tel: (510)763-0881 Fax: (510)763-0907 www.eyework.com