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Cze H. Low


Dr. Cze Low is an ophthalmologist practicing in Singapore, . Dr. Low specializes in eye and vision care. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Low can practice medicine as well as surgery. Opthalmologists can perform surgeries because they have their medical degrees along with at least eight years of additional training. Dr. Low can diagnose and treat diseases, perform eye operations and prescribe eye glasses and contacts. Ophthalmologists can also specialize even further in a specific area of eye care.
Cze H. Low
  • National University of Singapore
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Eye question

Yes a repeat visual field is needed by your Ophthalmologist. You could have a brain lesion or tumour or space occupying lesion.

Eye lump?

It's a cyst that fills with liquid. It may be associated with a viral infection. See a doctor for treatment.

Can I take medrol dose pak if I had lasik?

You can take your medrol . It does not affect you lasik.

Can you damage your eyes with contacts?

Yes, over wear, ischemia and infection can result in bad consequences.

Can contacts cause headaches?

Usually not but if they are wrongly corrected, yes. Check with your optometrist and repeat your refraction. If are over 40 years old you may require reading glasses too.

What is wrong with my eye if it hurts?

The usual cause it's dryness and can be helped with frequent blinking, refresh tear drops, avoid wind and fire.

Are monthly contacts bad for your eyes?

The contacts can cause ischemia, redness and infection. Take them off if you don't feel comfortable.

How do you fix dry eyes with contacts?

Contacts make dry eyes drier. Contacts suck up your tears. You need to wet your eyes with refresh eye drops regularly like every now and then whenever dryness is felt.

How do you know if you have an eye infection from contacts?

Eye irritation redness burning and swelling. Take them off, add antibiotics.

Why does my eye hurt when I wear contact lenses?

Your eyes are complaint. Stop contacts then.

What is the treatment of fungal eye infection?

If it's diagnosed, it is a very serious condition. See an expert for b it.

Is lasik eye surgery only meant for people with very bad eyesight?

It's meant for those with moderate to severe myopia. Extreme myopia may not be suitable, depending on the tests.

At what age can you start wearing contacts?

You can wear them now but you need to be careful with hygiene.

Will I need reading glasses after cataract surgery?

Yes, if you are corrected for good distance vision. Unless you use new presbyopic correcting lenses

Are you sitting or lying down during cataract surgery?

Lying down during 10 minute surgery.

How long after an eye infection can you wear contacts?

Best to wait for one to two weeks. Use clean new lenses, disposable, one use and throw.

How do you deal with contact lens pain?

Stop wearing them, sign of danger

Can your eyes get worse after laser eye surgery?

Yes it's possible especially if there are complications. Dryness of the eyes are common sometimes indefinitely that will cause blurry vision, itchiness and redness.