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Can I take painkillers before local anesthetic?

I am a 23 year old female. I want to know if I can take painkillers before local anesthetic?

8 Answers

You can take painkiller before any anesthetic if you need it. you must keep your anesthesiologist and surgeon informed about the timing and the dosage.
Check with your surgeon and care team. They may want you to have an empty stomach, but often times non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and/or acetaminophen are frequently given in conjunction with local anesthetic cases. You would not want to take anything without alerting your care team and clearing it first. Good luck!
Yes, if you want to do that.
You can take non-narcotic painkillers before local anesthesia, provided it is not going to increase the chance of bleeding during surgery.
Let your provider know. If you are not receiving a general anesthetic, it is generally okay to take a painkiller prior to a local. Also, insure that you have a ride home. 
You can take painkillers, but you need to take the bottle of the medication with you to the procedure, and tell the nurse, surgeon and anesthesiologist, how many pills and what exact time you took them.
Yes, preferably acetaminophen or narcotic, which will not inhibit platelets and potentially promote bleeding.