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What should I do if my daughter has an asthma attack?

My daughter has asthma, and I'm worried about what would happen if she would have an asthma attack while I'm not around. What are the emergency steps for an asthma attack? How...

What exercises help kids strengthen their lungs?

My daughter is 5 years old and has severe wheezing problems from time to time. What exercises are recommended to help strengthen her lungs?

Can general anesthesia harm my young child?

My 3 year old daughter needs a procedure on her right lung. Is she too young for general anesthesia? Can it harm her brain or growing process in any way?

What tests can indicate the reason for my chest congestion?

I am having severe chest congestion. I have done an X-ray but that hasn't indicated anything significant. What tests can I do to know the reason behind my chest congestion?

What are the various factors that cause cystic fibrosis?

My father has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I know that this diseases is typically diagnosed during childhood, but he's only been recently diagnosed. What factors could...

How is fluid from the lungs drained?

There is fluid accumulation in my mother's lungs that has happened all of a sudden. How is this fluid drained?

How can I get my son to quit smoking?

My son is 14 years old and I recently found out that he has started smoking. What can I do to get him to quit the habit?

Is childhood asthma curable?

Is there a cure for childhood asthma? Is it possible for it to just go away on its own?

Is it safe to go under general anesthesia with COPD?

My father has severe COPD. He needs to have knee replacement surgery soon and I'm concerned about the anesthesia due to his breathing condition. Is anesthesia safe for him during...

Can asthma be cured completely?

Is there a permanent cure for childhood asthma, or will my son have this for the rest of his life?

Can a respiratory therapist help treat a bronchitis infection?

My husband is home with a bronchitis infection and has been taking medication for it. Will respiratory therapy help to treat his bronchitis faster?

Why is there such a radical difference between my chest X-ray and CT scan?

I was advised to get both a chest X-ray and a CT scan and both show very different aspects of my lung condition. What is the reason for such differences between the X-ray and...

What is radiation treatment for lung cancer?

My father has been diagnosed with lung cancer. His team of doctors advise radiation treatment for him. What exactly is radiation treatment for lung cancer?

What's the difference between an MRI and a CT scan?

I'm scheduled to have a CT scan of my lungs. My friends are asking me why I'm not getting an MRI instead. What exactly is the difference between an MRI and a CT scan?

How to get rid of fluid in the lungs?

My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and her lungs are filled with fluid. Can it be removed? is it a dangerous procedure?

Is there a cure for asthma?

I have been suffering from asthma for over 6 years now. I'm tired of having issues breathing. Is there a cure or just treatment to reduce my symptoms?

Can I stop breathing while receiving anesthesia?

Is it possible I could forget to breath while under anesthesia?

Does wheezing in kids always result in asthma?

My child has wheezing problem. Will it develop into asthma as he grows up?

Does treatment of COPD require steroids?

My mother has COPD and is currently in oxygen therapy because it's still mild. But once her condition worsens, would she have to start taking steroids?

Is breo ellipta effective and safe to take for COPD

I am being treated for COPD with BREO ELLIPTA 200-25 even though the prescription information with the medication states three times this medication is not suitable for COPD, however...

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