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Is there any way acupuncture can help treat asthma?

Ever since I delivered my baby, I have been suffering from asthma. I do take medication for it but I am also looking into other therapies that could help. Can acupuncture help...

Is combination therapy recommended for COPD?

Is combination drug therapy recommended for COPD? What are the benefits of such a line of treatment?

My daughter is suffering from COPD. Is it a lifelong disease?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with COPD from smoking, due to which she often has breathing trouble. She is quitting smoking, but is COPD a lifelong condition?

If I don’t smoke, can I still get tuberculosis?

If tuberculosis is a lung disease, am I at less of a risk if I don't smoke? How does that work?

When does a cough become serious?

My brother's daughter has been diagnosed with bronchopneumonia after a having a cold and a cough. My son keeps getting cough frequently. When does it get worrisome?

I have been a chain smoker for 20 years and I have recently quit. How can I prevent lung diseases?

I am 34 years old and I was a chain smoker for 14 years and I had recently quit. While I understand there is damage done already, how can I prevent my lungs from deteriorating...

My son had a severe pneumonia when he was 2 years old. How often should I get his lungs screened?

My son was 2 years old when he had a severe bout of pneumonia. His lungs were quite weakened by the virus. How often should I get a screening done for his lungs to ensure everything...

My son had pneumonia a few weeks. Can I put him on homeopathic treatment to have his lungs to recover faster?

My son was suffering from pneumonia a few weeks back, and I still feel like he's breathing heavily. Will homeopathic treatments help his lungs to recover faster from this infection?...

How long does childhood asthma last?

My son is 5 years old and has asthma. The doctor says in most cases with age, asthma gets better. How long does it usually last?

What are the risks of anesthesia for a patient suffering from COPD?

The doctor wants to do a bronchoschopy for my father who is a COPD patient. The doctor says the procedure will be done giving him anesthesia. Will his condition have any risks...

Is there a treatment for bronchitis in acupuncture?

My son is suffering from bronchitis, which he gets chronically, and we are giving him the best possible treatment. The medications are working, and he's almost done with his steroids...

I feel breathless running on the treadmill. Does it mean my heart is weak?

I feel extremely breathless when I run on the treadmill or do other exercises. Is this an indication that my heart is weak?

Could my pneumonia have also affected my heart?

I suffered from a severe bout of pneumonia 3 months back, to the point where I was hospitalized to receive oxygen support as well. I am now back home though I still find breathing...

What are the side effects of e-cigarettes?

My husband is a chain smoker and his doctor has now recommended e-cigarettes to start his weaning process. The intent, hopefully, is for him to eventually be off any sort of smoking...

How can I treat persistent cough in my little one?

My son is 5 years old and is constantly suffering from a cough. I have tried different forms of medications but it just keeps coming back. What should I do?

What are the best ways to deal with asthma in a child?

My son is 8 years old and has been suffering from asthma. It's worse particularly during the fall and the winter season and it makes it very difficult to handle frequent asthma...

I have bronchitis. I'm on day #4 of 5day zpack and 5 day steroids. I'm not feeling any relief. Should I be worried?

I am still wheezing- coughing all night. Head hurts now. Congested now. It was all in my chest at 1st now it's in my head and I'm all stuffed up.

I have had mild symptoms of the flu continuously for two months. What could be the reason?

I have had symptoms of the flu that have been there continuously for two months. My doctor put me on antibiotics which took a toll on my body. What could be the reason? I feel...

My swine flu test is negative but my cough persists. Should I retake the test?

I recently underwent the saliva test to detect swine flu due to my severe cough. The test however came back negative. Should I redo the test to be doubly sure?

I have persistent cough, however my doctor says there is no need for a X-ray. Should I still go for one?

I have been having persistent cough and cold for the last two weeks. I have been on bronchodilators. I asked my doctor if I should get a X-ray done since I believe this is more...

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