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Can Invisalign cause gum swelling?

I wear Invisalign and I have gum swelling. Can Invisalign cause gum swelling?

5 Answers

Of course, anything is possible but it is rare. The likely cause is an allergy to the product or what you are cleaning them with.
Possibly, but not likely. Need to have your dentist check for tooth or gum causes also.
Gum swelling is normally caused by gingivitis which comes from poor oral hygiene. If the tray is rubbing a particular area, that may cause gum irritation. The first thing to do is to get your teeth cleaned.
I have never seen a case where Invisalign can cause gum swelling. I suppose if a person is allergic to the plastic material used for aligners, then the reaction of the gum tissue is to swell.
It should not cause gum swelling.  There can be numerous different causes of gum swelling.  You should contact your treating dentist to have an exam as to why you have swelling.