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Can a child's angry behavior be fixed?

My daughter has angry behavior. Can a child's angry behavior be fixed?

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Hello You must be very frustrated to have written for help. Glad you did! Anger cant be fixed. It needs to be translated, and addressed. The age of the child is important to note can the child talk? Write? Many unknowns here. If you can understand why this child is angry so much so that you are wanting to have it fixed you may be able to address it. If not, nows the time for a professional! Please look for a child therapist your doctor may be able to refer you to one, or perhaps a teacher. They can help you to understand the reason for the anger, and the best ways to address is so that the child isnt angry any more! The longer you wait, the worse it gets, so try to find a person with child therapy credentials as soon as possible. peace, (Dr) Marian Shapiro Licensed Psychologist
There are multiple factors and causes of childhood anger. The key is to communicate with your child in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental manner to find out what is going on with them. Your child may be struggling in school, being bullied, coping with depression, or even being abused by someone in the community. When your child becomes angry or aggressive, try to ask what they need instead of scolding them. Once they feel that you do not understand, they are much less likely to open up and tell you the truth. Try to help your child co-regulate and continue to keep open communication. If your child is not willing to talk to you, bring them to a trained professional, such as a therapist or ask the school counselor to check in on them.
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Angry behavior may not be able to be fixed, but it can be controlled. You can try talking to your daughter to find out what is causing her to be angry, have her count to ten, breathe deeply, meditate, taking her away from the situation when she becomes angry. If any of these do not work, see your pediatrician. I hope this helps.