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Can a chiropractor correct my limping?

I have been limping for many years now and have tried various treatments, none of which worked. Can a chiropractor help this?

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Chiropractic treatment can help with limping. It can correct uneven leg lengths
Yes, once the cause is assessed.
Yes. I recommend finding a chiropractor with a specialty in extremity work or a sports chiropractor.
Limping can be a result of many different causes. In order to find out what can be done to correct it, speaking to a chiropractor may help you find out why.
It depends on what the cause of your limping is. It is worth getting a consult for. If anything, they should be able to ease some of the pain you might be having.
Maybe might definitely improve your gait too
First step is diagnosing the CAUSE of the limp. A Chiropractic exam, at least in my office, and i know many others, incorporates gait analysis. So, YES, a Chiropractor will be more concerned with THE CAUSE than the EFFECT itself only. An X-ray of the low back and or hip of the limping side, can be a great first start in your diagnosis and cause of the limp. Hope i helped, and as always, Got Your Back! Dr. Todd Gewant
Depending on what the limp is caused by (disease, injury, etc.) a chiropractor may be able to help with adjustments and rehab. I suggest a good diagnostic be done by the chiropractor of choice and determine if it will help. I have personally seen a limp disappear within a short time with chiropractic care just restoring proper biomechanics. Again, all dependent
My suggestion is to find a chiropractor in your area that offers a free initial consultation and see if you are a good candidate for this type of care. I have had success with limping issues in my practice, but not with every case. A proper consultation and subsequent examination will determine if you can receive the help you seek.
Yes if you have a mechanical dysfunction in your leg foot or pelvis may be able to be corrected. Need a examination to make determination
In most instances, yes. First a full spinal postural x ray is necessary to determine pelvic bio-mechanics. If there is unleveling of the pelvis, ilum subluxations, and lumbo-sacral mal-alignment, these have to be adressed. Also, the condition of the vertebral disc is essential to proper gait and mobility.
I have helped so many patients with limps. Two walked in limping the other day and walked out normally. Your result depends on your particular condition. Get a good recommendation for a local chiropractor.
Depending on what caused the limping to begin with. You will need a thorough evaluation to determine how much a Chiropractor may help.
Yes. Since no one seems to have uncovered the cause of your limp my first thought would be lumbopelvic instability. This causes the development of an acquired short leg which is correctable.
It depends on what is causing the limping. In many cases, joint alignment and muscle activation and inactivation are the cause of improper movement and motion. Doing a functional movement evaluation can help determine if chiropractic may hold the key in your case.
I would have to ask why you limp? Is it due to some truma or malformation, etc. As a chiropractor we find the structural fixation and misalignment that would interrupt you normal gait and correct it. If the degeneration has set it in only a portion of normal gait can be restored. Chiropractic is great at restoring normal joint mobility, stopping degeneration, and restoring health to areas by allowing the body to heal naturally. Natural healing is the best type of healing.
Possibly! A Chiropractor would first have to assess to see what's causing the limping. We have helped many people who have come in limping. To better answer that I would suggest you go in for a consultation. If you're in NJ you can contact our center at 201-265-0555
It depends on why your limping, but an evaluation could assess this and determine if chiropractic could help you !
Depends on exam and X-rays findings