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Can a chiropractor help a headache?

I am a 38 year old male. I want to know if a chiropractor can help a headache?

6 Answers

Yes, a good chiropractor can narrow down your headache symptoms and determine if spinal manipulation is a good fit for you....I have great success with all my headache patients.
Typically yes, but I would need to do an exam to give you a proper answer. Your symptoms could have many causes.
Depending on the type of headache a chiropractor can help with your headaches.
100%. I became a chiropractor because the chiro was the only one who was able to help me with my severe migraine headaches in my youth.
A chiropractor can absolutely assist with some headaches depending on the causes. The best bet is to get evaluated to see if there is a structural component causing the headaches or if it is vascular, nutritional, drug induces, or some other cause to the headache. Your health care provider should be able to do some tests and exams to determine if chiropractic care is potentially beneficial for your personal condition.
Yes, but a chiropractic who analyzes spinal change, loss of curve is ideal. Headaches have a neurological component, so the question is why is there increased pressure on the nerves. A reduced blood and oxygen supply could also be contributing factors. So in order to understand why you are suffering with headaches, a proper spinal biomechanics assessment needs to be part of the initial evaluation. Minor brain trauma from sports injuries, slips and falls, auto crashes also play a role in the manifestation of headaches and a cervical ligament instability assessment is also vital.