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Can a misaligned neck cause vertigo?

I have vertigo and I wonder if it's related to my neck pain. Can a misaligned neck cause vertigo?

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Absolutely. I myself was a patient first. I went back to school at age 40 to do this Specific Upper Cervical work because it helped me. I have suffered vertigo episodes myself and they are debilitating. Once my Atlas is corrected, the vertigo is gone. Many of my patients have experienced the same events. Most resolve very quickly, a few have taken a week or two to completely resolve. Debra Pavlovic DC BCAO
It can actually, great question! Most people would not associate the two.
Yes, if the misalignment is affecting the nerve, blocking the nerve flow, then there can be vertigo.
Yes. Misalignments of the cervical spine can result is various symptoms including but not limited to vertigo.
I have seen this, yes. Exam and case history needed as there could be other factors involved.
Yes, there’s nerve irritation on your neck causing your symptoms. Chiropractic can help.
Thank you for your question! Yes, that is a direct correlation. Have you ever been to a corrective care chiropractor? If you would like a new patient appointment, please go to
Vertigo and neck pain can be related. It is important to seek help from a qualified healthcare provider who can identify the underlying cause of both vertigo and neck pain. There may be other serious causes of those symptoms, too that need to be ruled out. A good physical examination and perhaps imaging would be helpful in identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms.
I find most vertigo cases are from the middle and inner ear. Since the neck has nerve endings which relate to spatial orientation, neck problems can also cause vertigo. I would recommend that you see your doctor to evaluate your condition.
Yes. Essentially there are feedback loops in our nerve systems that require checks and balances to be equal. Misalignments are a leading cause of an alteration of communication from the body back to the brain and from the brain to the body. These alterations may result in a variety of things, notably including vertigo-like symptoms. If you are concerned about the possibility of this, it would be wise to see a specialist who addresses the proper positioning of these bones and the communication of the nerve system.
Yes it is possible for a misaligned neck to cause vertigo.