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Can an X-ray determine my kidney function?

I am a diabetes patient and lately, I am having trouble passing urine. I am starting to worry that my kidneys are being affected. Can an X-ray determine my kidney function level?

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A Nuclear Medicine renal study can give you an idea of your kidney function in percentage.
It can, provided an iodinated dye is injected into the bloodstream. This dye gets concentrated & excreted via the kidneys after 2-30mins post injection which can be demonstrated by taking serial X-rays within that period of time.
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NO. X rays aren't used to evaluate kidney function, Lab values (BUN, Creatinine and GFR) drawn with by a trained phlebotomist
at any reputable laboratory will best determine your kidney function.
A renal ultrasound would be the best way to assess whether your kidneys are obstructed or hydronephrotic. Such a study would also help to assess whether you have “medical renal disease”. It can also see renal cysts and stones as a possible source of abnormal renal function.
No a renal scan or lab measurements of creatine is a better measure of renal function
No. You need a nuclear medicine renogram and kidney scan.
A simple blood test and urine test will suffice.
A blood test is the best and most simple way to assess renal function. Your primary doctor may have already performed a test for blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine. If that has not been done, it should be.

Thanks for your question. No, it cannot.

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No. This is best evaluated with a blood test to determine your creatinine and GFR. Imaging tests can determine vascular obstructions or drainage obstructions that may affect the renal function. Not passing urine could be due to a prostate problem in a male or a bladder issue in a male or female. Best to consult a urologist.