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Can an old filling be replaced?

I am a 38 year old male. I want to know if an old filling can be replaced?

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It depends on the remaining structure of the tooth after the filling is removed and all recurrent decay (cavity) as well. If there is enough tooth structure to support a filling structurally stable to accommodate the forces involved in chewing, then yes.
Sometimes, but not always you can replace an old filling with a new filling. A lot depends on why it’s being replaced. If it’s just a cosmetic thing, swapping out for a new filling can be done pretty simply.

Justin W. Ruffner, DDS
Yes. As long as there is enough tooth structure to support the new, probably bit larger filling.
In many cases, yes, an existing failing filling can be replaced. However, if the tooth is fractured or the failed filling is extensive, then you may be better served with a crown. Your dentist should be able to help you visualize the best replacement option by the use of an intra-oral photo showing you why.

Gary R. Hubbard, DDS, FAACD
To simply answer your question- yes a filling can be replaced. There are some factors when a dentist is making those recommendations. If the filling is already very large and taking up most of the tooth, a discussion should be had to decide if a filling is the right course of action or if an alternative is more durable.

Hope this helps,
Jossi Stokes, DDS
Yes. But it doesn’t have to be replaced just because it is old. And sometimes the next step for the tooth may be a crown over the tooth to protect it from breaking if the filling would be too big