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Can bonding help sensitive teeth?

I am a 32 year old male. I want to know if bonding can help sensitive teeth?

4 Answers

Yes, if it covers the erosion! Thanks!
In short, yes. It all depends upon the specific situation. You will need to seek professional dental advice to determine if your particular situation can be successfully resolved with a dental bonding procedure.
Yes, bonding can help reduce sensitivity in teeth, but it depends on whether you have generalized (most or all of your teeth) sensitivity or if it's localized to a few teeth, where bonding would be most effective. If you have worn enamel where the sensitivity is located that would also be a good indication for bonding to be done.
Yes, it can help with root surface exposure, dentin exposure from acid erosion or wear on the front of teeth, or gum line notches otherwise known as abfractions, which can be exquisitely sensitive.