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Can chiropractic adjustments harm you?

I want to get chiropractic adjustment for my back. Is it safe? Can chiropractic adjustments harm you?

4 Answers

I can only give you my experience of over 42 years in practice. Yes. 2 patients got their ribs hurt from the adjustment. Took a while to get over that completely, but had no issues after.
While no pain is good, that’s pretty safe considering that is probably at least one million adjustments.
Yes, if not properly performed sprained joints and other complications can occur, just like not taking prescription drugs properly.
Just about every medical intervention has the potential risk for harm. The key is to weigh the risk of harm vs the benefit of treatment. Chiropractic care has an enviable safety record when compared to other medical interventions, but it is not without risk. The most common harmful side effect is transitory muscle soreness. More serious harmful side effects could include, fracture, pneumothorax, and stroke. Fortunately all of these are exceedingly rare with chiropractic care! You should discuss your particular condition with your chiropractor and together you can choose treatments that have the best chance to help you with minimal risk for harm.
Contrary to myths, chiropractic adjustments are safe when performed by a licensed chiropractic professional. Correcting misalignments of the spine is always beneficial for not only pain relief, but also for optimal functioning of the entire body as a whole.