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Can composite bonding fill gaps?

I have gaps between my front teeth. Can composite bonding fill gaps?

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In some cases very successfully
Yes, the short answer is that it can fill in gaps like yours in your front teeth. The long answer is that it must be done by a dentist who is highly skilled in composite bonding techniques because that it what makes all the difference between a beautiful outcome and a so-so one. Make sure you have a good sense about the skills of the dentist before you do this (actually, you should be in continuing care anyway, so you should have a feel for your dentist's capabilities - don't just pick one out of the blue).
Yes. However, this may not be the most esthetic option.

Dana Truesdale, DDS
Depending on how big the spaces are, bonding may be a solution. Bonding does NOT last as long as porcelain. It is much less expensive in the short term.
Certainly. It's a very common and easy procedure. 

Dr. Conrad