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Can decay under a crown be fixed?

I have tooth decay under my crown. Can decay under a crown be fixed?

6 Answers

No it’s best to remove the crown and fix the cavity
Yes, by removing the old crown, removing the decay, and placing a new crown! Anything except that is going to cause more damage to the tooth down the road!
Usually not. It is impossible to be certain that all decay is removed. Kind of like having a leak inside a wall and just removing the water stained area. One can never be certain all damage is removed. It is a good short term solution less than 3 months. Long term best to remove the crown and proceed with a new one.
This is a difficult question as I have not seen the tooth nor the radiograph. Having said that, In my experience, if there is decay under a crown, you have to REMOVE the crown to evaluate how deep decay is and place a temporary after you removed all decay present. If there is no sensitivity nor pain, then you replace the crown with a NEW one. This will ensure that your tooth has a good prognosis. You must find out what caused decay under an existing crown.
Under porcelain crown, decay can always be fixed! It is best to redo the dental crown, since we do not how far under the crown the cavity has penetrated! For more info on full mouth porcelain crowns in Los Angeles, click here:
Usually no, unless the decay is at the margin and minimal. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see how far the decay has gone, therefore in most cases, it is best to replace crown.