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Can dentures cause lisp speech?

I am a 67 year old male. I want to know can dentures cause lisp speech?

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Yes. Poor fit, pt not adjust to object in mouth, not made properly.
If the dentures are incorrectly made, i.e., the occlusion (bite) and vertical dimension are significantly off, a lisp can often result.
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Yes they can. Especially with dentures that do not fit well or effect proper tongue movement. Start with a visit to your dentist to address this problem
Dentures are replacing missing teeth. We have to take into consideration the position of your teeth when fabricating a denture. The length of the teeth, the angle, how they bite the opposing teeth, the way the tongue hits them when talking all play a role in our speech. If not positioned correctly then some phonetics may cause a lisp. This is fixable and should be addressed with your dentist. The denture is usually sent back to the lab and the teeth replaced into a more favorable position.
The answer to that is yes. You need to see your dentist for them to most likely shorten the front teeth. During the fabrication of the dentures, they will check that and make adjustments, but sounds like you just need a little more. Nothing serious.

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Rev. Dr. Laurentis Barnett
Hello. If your dentures are not fitted well, it can create speech distortions, such as a lisp. However, when fitted properly, they will not create any speech distortions. Good luck!
Yes, they can. Getting your denture adjusted may help you.