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Can flat feet be fixed without surgery?

I was diagnosed with flat feet. I want to treat it. Can flat feet be fixed without surgery?

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answer is no, cannot. flat feet is a structral deformity, in order to fix a structural deformity, surgery has to be part of the treatment. This doens't mean though that conservative therapy cannot be the first treatment. please look in to a procedure call HYPROCURE. my office has this, in office procedure, approx. 30 min, patients walk on the same day, full recovery is 6 wks.
Of course. Orthotic devices are a helpful course of treatment. Surgery is indicated in only a small percentage of pes planus patients.
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Fixed? No, but you can provide relief with orthotics.
Technically, flat feet cannot be fixed without surgery. However, the symptoms can usually be very well-controlled with a good pair of functional orthotics, making surgery unnecessary
Roughly 30% of the population has flat feet. Having said that, not all flat feet need to be surgically corrected. Perhaps wearing supportive shoes, modifying activity levels, and using over the counter or custom orthotics is good enough to allow someone with flat feet to be active and function without pain. Flat feet can not be "corrected" without surgery. But oftentimes, surgery can be avoided with the conservative treatments I mentioned. Surgery is relegated for those individuals that continue to have pain despite conservative care, and their activities of daily living are impacted.
Depending upon the cause painful flat feet can usually be addressed conservatively. However, there are certain causes of flat feet that are best treated with surgery.
Not fixed… and if never have the surgery and will never do another. Patients are never really happy. That said, proper fitting custom orthosis help a great deal and prevent further biomechanical deformities.
No. Orthotics support the deformity and help alleviate symptoms, if any, but they will not correct the problem. Neither will the pt to try and strengthen foot muscles.

Depending on the age, severity, and symptoms, most flat feet are treated with accommodation in the form of custom orthotics.
Yes. Check with your physician for a referral to a foot and ankle surgeon and that you get some foot orthotics for you.
Flat feet can be accommodated without surgery, but can not be fixed. Orthotic management is the treatment to manage the condition.
Fixed, no. But, orthotics can help to manage the progression or worsening.
Flat feet in itself is not usually a problem. The mechanics that leads to flat feet is why the pain occurs. Non surgical options can help, such as an insert in the shoe. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for diagnosis and treatment options
It depends. There are two general kinds of flat foot: 1) flexible/supple or 2) rigid. A flexible flat foot is not "fixed," but can be realigned for better function with orthotics/arch supports. Alternatively, a rigid flat foot cannot be realigned or fixed without surgery. That being said, just because you have a flat foot does not mean you ever need surgery unless it is causing symptoms or problems.
Not fixed, but can have some relief from custom orthotics, but if it continues, you require further options including and in some cases surgery.