Optometrist Questions Thyroid hormones

Can high thyroid hormone levels also affect the eyesight of a person?

My eyesight is becoming a little hazy. My recent check up shows that my thyroid hormones are at really high levels. Could this be affecting my eyesight?

8 Answers

Yes, Thyroid Eye Disease can produce numerous vision and eye symptoms. Please have an eye doctor perform a complete exam to help you become more comfortable.
Thank you for the question.

Dr. John Lowitz, OD

Yes by all means it could.
Yes, thyroid disease can affect your vision.
Yes, have your eyes checked!
Thyroid disease, and subsequently the hormone levels associated with it, can affect the eyes in a couple different ways. Often, dry eye syndrome is associated with thyroid dysfunction and this can cause blurred vision due to a dry ocular surface. Also, if a person has poorly controlled thyroid disease, their eye muscles may cease to function in a typical manner. This could lead to double vision which, when very early, could actually look like blurred vision to the patient. That being said, the thyroid hormone level does not directly affect the *prescription* of a person's eyes.

I would suggest visiting your local eye care provider to ensure that you are not suffering one of the known ocular side affects of Thyroid Disease. And if you are, they would be the best person to address these issues.
Having high TSH levels can have ophthalmic effects like protruding eyes, dry eyes, pain on eye movements and other ocular pain.
Hyperthyroidism or Graves’ disease can cause eye muscle problems, also diplopia! Hyperthyroid meds can cause side effects of dry eyes, too.